Visiting Penang Malaysia? Here’s Why You Should Rent A Car

georgetown_george_town_penang_malaysia_-_panoramio_-_jetsunTransportation is something you’ll always have to consider whenever you take a trip, and visiting Penang, Malaysia isn’t an exception to that rule. You have a range of different ways to get around the city, but are you sure you want to rely on cabs and other services? Many visitors to Penang prefer to rent a car of their own, and there are a lot of good reasons to do so. Here are some of the best advices from Big Thumb:

1) It Saves Time

Solving the transportation problem every time you want to get from one part of the city to another can really eat into the amount of time you’re spending in Penang. How memorable are those minutes spent scrutinizing bus schedules or flagging down cabs going to be when you get back home?

Renting a car gives you a permanent answer to the question “How do we get there” for the whole duration of your stay. It’s also a lot more convenient than untangling the local transit options every time you need to get around.

2) It’s Affordable

Some countries and cities get reputations for charging tourists an arm and a leg for necessary services, and that often includes car rental. Fortunately, Penang hasn’t ever developed that reputation. Rental rates for visitors are very reasonable, and renting a car isn’t going to significantly impair your vacation budget.

3) It Extends Your Range In Malaysia

Forget the hassle involved in locating transportation described above. What about those occasions when you flat out can’t find a bus or a cab? Do you want to explore Penang’s late night culture or visit outlying districts of the city where the buses don’t run? Being forced to rely on external resources for transportation puts significant limitations on where you can go and when you can travel.

Take full control of your itinerary by renting a car! Go wherever you want. Start your day off before the sun goes up, or stay out till the wee morning hours. If you have a car of your own always standing by, there are no barriers to when, where, and how you get out and experience Penang.

4) It Cuts Down On Stress

Traveling can turn into a stressful pastime when you’re constantly running into adversity. Dealing with the constant uncertainty of transportation is often a major source of stress when you’re in an unfamiliar city. Eliminate tons of potential hassles by renting your own car. You can even make the necessary arrangements online before you even touch down at the airport.

5) It Gives You A Variety Of Cars To Choose From15546443110_4c207c7776_b

Penang is a huge city, and it welcomes countless thousands of visitors every day. It has a robust and versatile tourist economy. You shouldn’t worry about getting forced into renting a car you don’t like or don’t feel comfortable operating. Penang rental agencies can meet your needs with virtually any type of car, from economical compacts to powerful luxury models.

Hopefully, you can see now that renting a car when you come to Penang makes a lot of sense. Get a head start on your travel planning and book a car rental before you get here.

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